I’ve fallen into the small-talk habit of asking people at social occasions (parties, screenings, lunches, interviews) if they have a Bluray player. I’m not talking about MTA employees. I’m talking about folks with semi-sophisticated palates and attitudes — filmmakers, publicists, screenwriters, online entrepeneurs, etc. The point is that each and every one has said nope. Last week I asked a world-famous, absurdly rich actress if she was a Bluray person — ditto. The night before last I asked Diane Sawyer if she owns one, and she wasn’t entirely sure what I was talking about.

They all have high-def TVs but for whatever reason Bluray isn’t part of the picture. I understand being behind the curve on this or that lifestyle indulgence, but I don’t get people of comfort and sophistication not having Bluray players. Not in early 2009. I actually find this mind-blowing.