“The biggest argument against No Country is that it’s peaking too soon. Second, there’s a group of people [who] take serious contention with its ending. Combined with it’s violent content following a year when The Departed won, it seems more sensible to begin purchasing stock in Atonement or The Kite Runner” — N.Y. Times reader Nick Butler, responding to a David Carr/”Bagger” post.

HE comment: Behind the curve, Nick! The “problem with the ending” began evaporating two, three weeks ago. Glenn Kenny‘s Premiere piece killed it off. Now the NCFOM ending is a badge of esoteric-artistic honor. If you say you don’t get it you lack depth…you can’t think too well…you’re slow on the pickup. Atonement might pop through, but right now it’s on the ropes. The Kite Runner? Maybe, but it’s a bit soft. It’s a compromise choice — a movie that stands for healing and cultural bridge-building.