You’ll notice that a pair of semi-prominent female roles in Jonathan Levine‘s The Night Before (Sony/Columbia, 11.20) are played by women who can’t be called svelte. I’m referring to Jillian Bell, who plays Seth Rogen‘s pregnant wife, and the roundish Mindy Kaling who talks to Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt in a bar. If this film had been made in the ’90s or even ten years ago and similar-appearing actresses had been cast in the same roles, people would be scratching their heads. I’m not saying every female second-tier and/or character role was played by relatively trim actresses during the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, but that was certainly the norm. Today plumpish is the norm among a sizable portion of the populace, and casting directors are attuned to this. I’m just saying that a sea-change in weight aesthetics has taken place over the past decade or so. And yes, I’m a huge asshole who needs to be assassinated on Twitter for pointing this out.

As Seth Rogen’s pregnant wife, The Night Before costar Jillian Bell.