“I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m me, but I am surprised by what degree it looks familiar,” says Bill Nighy about his performance as the squid-faced Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, in an interview with L.A. Daily News critic Bob Strauss. What’s remarkable is that Nighy’s inflections come through anyway. “It’s spooky, obviously, because it’s a weird experience,” he says. “And it is satisfying to see that the movement, the physical stuff, and the attitudinal decisions that I made at the time survived . They’re in it, they’re there, even though they are delivered by this weirdo.” [Note to readers : MCN’s David Poland linked to Strauss’ article last night so that means he kind of owns it, and if anyone else mentions or riffs on it, they’re infringing on some level and a kind of poacher. HE recognizes that MCN linked to the Strauss piece first, and profusely apologizes for offending Poland’s acute sense of territoriality.]