Here we go with another riff about Ana de Armas‘ Marta, the central character in Rian Johnson‘s Knives Out. No one needs to “address” the fact that she’s wearing the kind of pricey hipster pants (cuffs three or inches above the shoe line) that only upmarket, cutting-edge Millennial women and style-enslaved actresses wear. But it’s worth mentioning for good measure.

Given that Marta lives with her family in a smallish apartment, I think it’s fair to presume that she probably shops at Target or maybe Saks Fifth Off, and that even if she wanted to wear those pants they would be out of her budget range.

The bottom line, I’m presuming, is that de Armas wanted to look cool despite who Marta was and what her fashion tastes probably were and that Johnson, juggling 200 or 300 other things in his head as he prepared for principal photography…Johnson figured “sure, fine, why not?”

It’s not a crime that he approved these pants. Nobody in the world is complaining about them except me — I get that. Monica Castillo probably never even thought about them. But stuff like this sticks in my craw from time to time. It is what it is.