Joel and Ethan Coen have won the Best Director Oscar for No Country for Old Men. Appropriately. Modest, thankful, self-effacing. Loved Frances McDormand‘s “yeah, yeah!” expression as they walk off stage.
And here’s a shaved-head Denzel Washington (for what role?) handing out the Best Picture Oscar for No Country for Old Men. No Clayton or Juno surprises. All according to general expectations. This is producer Scott Rudin‘s moment, all right. A happy man, “thank you so much.” And it’s over, dude. Three hours, 17 minutes.
I missed the opening monologue. Watching it now on replay. Best line: “If Vanity Fair wants to show respect to the writers, next year they could invite some of the writers to the Vanity Fair party.” And the withdrawing-the-Iraq-movies line is pretty good.