Here’s a pint-sized trailer for Charles Ferguson‘s No End in Sight (Magnolia, 7.27.07 in NYC — 8.3 or 8.10 in Los Angeles). Like I wrote a week or so ago, Ferguson’s analysis of the Bush administration’s appalling handling of the ground situation in Iraq starting in May 2003 is truly arousing and sickening….in a good way. I had a marginal, not very detailed grasp of the situation in Iraq before seeing Ferguson’s film. After seeing it I felt as if someone had leaned over and turned the lens and sharpened the focus.

Repeating again, and I really mean this: No End in Sight is a serious contender for Best Feature Documentary. I know full well that 97% of the moviegoers out there will do the typical vegetable thing — i.e, will never see it, never rent the DVD, never think about it. It would be nice if some would think about responding differently.