I wrote publicist Phil Symes this morning about my keen interest in seeing Gaspar Noe‘s Into The Void in Cannes. I’m departing Cannes on Thursday, 5.21 and the first scheduled press screening is on Friday, 5.22, so I was hoping to catch a slightly earlier market showing. But Phil dashed my hopes.

A scene from Enter The Void that resembles a similar idyll-in-a-park scene at the end of Irreversible.

“There will be no screenings prior to the 14:40 screening on Friday 22nd,” he replied. “The film is expected only to be completed the previous day. So sorry, this is not going to be possible.

I wrote back the following: “So Gaspar’s pulling a Wong Kar Wai this year, eh? I understand the exactitude and perfectionism that drives directors, of course, but a plan to have the film completed only one day before a Cannes debut seems a bit extreme. Not two or three or four days before the Cannes screening, which would be cutting it close enough, but only 24 hours before? Something manic in that.

“If Gaspar manages to finish it a tad earlier, please advise. I respect Gaspar highly and was looking very much forward to seeing this during the festival.” Phil promised to keep me in the loop if something changes.