Imagine if Gary Ross‘s Ocean’s 8 (Warner Bros., 6.8.18) was made like a modern-day Rififi. If eight shrewd women got together and successfully pulled off a big heist, but then one of them rats another out to the cops. Or a rival crew finds out about the job and kidnaps the child of Sarah Paulson, and so Paulson, Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett hunt down the kidnappers except Bullock gets shot in the stomach. Or after flashing too much money around Helena Bonham Carter gets busted by detectives and pressured to reveal who else pulled off the job, and Mindy Kaling panics and realizes HBC has to die or she’ll spill the beans on everyone. I would love an escapist film like that, one that promises the usual bullshit but then turns around and gets real. But of course, no one would be allowed to make a Rififi about ruthless women thieves as this would go against the narrative.

Incidentally: The MovieBox copy that accompanies this new trailer starts with the words “to steal a priceless neckless…”