Said this before, saying it again: despite Clint Eastwood having told Variety editor Peter Bart earlier this month that Letters From Iwo Jima, his Japanese-soldier-POV Iwo Jima movie, will be released “two months” after Flags of Our Fathers, or sometime in mid to late December, and despite Pete Hammond considering a scenario that Letters will indeed be competing ‘against’ Paramount and Dreamworks’ Flags and Warner Bros. “sources” yelling him “they are only seeing the film for the first time this week and have not yet decided when it will be released but that “it will ‘not‘ be in 2006″…despite all this (and isn’t the confusion about the Letters release date just amazing? the way it persists, I mean?), the bottom line is still this….actually, hold up. There is no bottom line. I’ve just changed my mind. I was going to say Letters will almost certainly be regarded on these shores as strictly backup for Flags of Our Fathers, but nobody knows anything and and that includes me.