The Master isn’t going to Telluride, The Master isn’t going to Telluride, The Master isn’t going to Telluride. That’s all I’m hearing lately. But why not, I ask? It’ll play the Venice and Toronto film festivals so where’s the harm in showing it at Telluride? We all know it’s not an easy-access popcorn movie and that the Weinstein Co. needs all the buzz it can get so tell me, please…where’s the downside?

Paul Thomas Anderson doesn’t like doing lah-lah festivals, I’m told. To hell with PTA’s attendance — just bring the film to Telluride and show it. Anderson doesn’t like Telluride because of some kind of comment or a vibe or some spitball that was thrown regarding There Will Be Blood that PTA didn’t care for during a 2007 Daniel Day Lewis tribute. What? That made absolutely no sense at all. I asked once again and gave up trying to understand. But as nonsensical as it sounds and despite having been told that there may be preparation underway at Telluride for a 70m presentation, there’s a very strong belief that The Master will not be there. Period.

But guess what is showing at Telluride? Roger Michell‘s Hyde Park on Hudson. One of the reasons being, I’m gathering or inferring, that costar Laura Linney is a Telluride resident and everybody knows her and it’s a chummy situation, etc.