If nothing else, Jeff Deutchman‘s 11.4.08 (10.20) — a doc about what various everyday people were doing, seeing, saying and feeling on the day Barack Obama was elected President — proves that timing really counts. I’m sorry to be a killjoy, but the idea of watching a film in October 2010 that celebrates the hope and highs of 11.4.08 feels like some kind of sick joke.

How can anyone watch this film without thinking that that good old “yes, we did it!” vibe is absolutely dead and gone? That feeling was over three or four months after the January ’09 inauguaration. I’m disoriented and angry and pissed off, and if Jeff Deutchman is still fluttering around on a November ’08 nostalgia high then he needs to find the right medication and comes down to earth and deal with the here-and-now.

How are things not awful now? Obama has done well in a limited, modified, lily-livered Jimmy Carter-like way, but he’s disappointed even the faithful. The crazy-ass looney-tunes righties are going to beat the shit out of Democrats in several House races (though perhaps fewer than we were presuming a few weeks ago). Obama has the same corrupt guys who not only rubber-stamped but profited by the system that led to the ’08 economic collapse running his economic policies. He’s spending billions of dollars every week in Afghanistan.

Are we idiots? The hope days are over, for heaven’s sake. Who wants to celebrate how great everything felt two years ago when snarling, salivating wolves are prowling around and biting everyone on the leg, and the hunter with the gun is going “is there some way these wolves can be persuaded to act rationally and constructively?”