Never again, sick of it, that’s all: I don’t want to ever listen again to a youngish actor or actress talk about how humbled and frazzled and tongue-tied they were when they first met an older, legendary actor or actress of a higher station. I understand why younger actors would want to convey this to journalists (i.e., showing obeisance before power is comforting in itself, but telling others about worshipful feelings doubles the pleasure) but I’ve been listening to this over and over for decades

On top of which it’s basically bullshit. No matter how famous, older actors are always gracious and accepting of younger actors…always. Unless you’re incredibly antsy and insecure, meeting an older, world-famous actor is comforting, not nerve-wracking. Every actor young and old knows how good he or she may be, and no amount of flattery or obsequious behavior is going to change anything on either side. Actors with a semblance of self-awareness and dignity know this. If a younger actor is overwhelmed with affection or respect for an older actor, fine. (I felt this way in the presence of Cary Grant once.) But enough with the “I was so incredibly nervous I could barely put three words together” routine.