The people who cut this Being The Ricardos teaser obviously had zero interest in highlighting Javier Bardem‘s performance as Desi Arnaz, which is odd as Bardem allegedly outshines costar Nicole Kidman.

The best part is the I Love Lucy theme at the end, played over the credits.

This is a situational set-up teaser. Wildly successful couple with a hit TV show, running their own production company, dealing with the attendant pressures. There’s one brief allusion to Desi’s adultery in a magazine headline. Nicole’s narration implies that director-writer Aaron Sorkin sees this as Lucy’s story with cheating Desi as the bad guy.

Boardner’s is not opposite the old Desilu Studios (846 No. Cahuenga) — why do filmmakers insist on trying to sell this bullshit?

I thought the chocolate assembly-line factory routine was the big classic I Love Lucy bit, rather than the grape-stomping thing.

Friendo: “Nicole’s speaking voice is a problem. That is not Lucy’s very identifiable tonality.”

HE: “Totally Nicole’s voice — no attempt to even vaguely simulate Lucy’s braying tone. Then again 97% of the audience has no idea what Lucy sounded like. Many if not most of those who watched the ’50s show are dead.”

Amazon will release Ricardos theatrically on Friday, 12.10.21. The film will begin streaming on Prime Video on Tuesday, 12.21.21.

Reaction to research screening of Being The Ricardos, posted by Jordan Ruimy on 8.20.21: