I’ll admit that the physical disparity between Rabbit Hole costars Nicole Kidman and Tammy Blanchard, cast as warring sisters in John Cameron Mitchell‘s well-regarded film, doesn’t seem that acute in these shots, which were taken at a TIFF press conference three days ago. But their differences are accentuated in the film, trust me. And it’s definitely a problem.

(l.) Nicole Kidman, (r.) Tammy Blanchard during TIFF Rabbit Hole press conference earlier this week.

If Blanchard doesn’t look “chubby” in her scenes she certainly appears well-fed and is clearly on the road to ampleness once she passes 40. On top of which she’s obviously big-boned and carrying the genes of dark-haired, dark-eyed ancestors. Whereas Kidman’s appearance in Rabbit Hole is her usual-usual — slim-bony, pale skin, ginger-haired, Irish-lassy-by-way-of-Sydney. One look and you’re telling yourself, “No way in hell are they sisters.”