I’ve been waiting a long time to see Universal Home Video’s restored Spartacus Bluray, which streets on Tuesday, 10.6. I asked earlier today if I could snag a review copy but they said they had none, so I bought a copy on Amazon. DVD Beaver‘s Gary Tooze was sent a review copy, at least, and he’s posted quite the review: “The green is in the title, the dye restored and colors are a dramatic improvement in replicating the original appearance,” he writes. “Skin tones [have] a more natural state and there is also more information in the frame on all four sides! Detail has tightened [and] there is a sense of depth…magnificent!” Plus the disc contains a nine-minute “Restoring Spartacus” essay.

Framne captures from Gary Tooze’s DVd Beaver review. The above image is from the “shiny” 50th anniversary Bluray issued in 2010; the bottom image is from the restored version.

Is it okay to report that the digital restoration work was done by original photochemical Spartacus restoration guru Robert Harris? I’m only asking because Universal Home Video execs reportedly don’t want Harris to get too much credit, and that’s fine with me — he shouldn’t get too much credit! Harris is a notorious credit hog! But should Harris get at least some credit? At one point I reported that the Spartacus restoration was actually done by The Invisible Man‘s Claude Rains. I’m perfectly willing to return to that legend if so required.