This was this morning’s list of available DVD screeners from the Sundance Film Festival’s Premiere section — i.e., zip. There are no press screenings today (again — ill-advised) so watching DVD screeners is anyone can do, and there’s nothing to watch except a PBS American Experience doc called Freedom Riders, which is what I’m sitting through now. The doc is straight and solid but the feature screener situation obviously sucks.

Tiny-ass viewing booth where I’m now sitting. It’s about three feet wide.

Thursday, 1.21, 7:55 am.

Q: Would you like to watch Freedom Riders? We have that one.” A: “Yes, thank you. I’d like to watch Freedom Riders. I mean, I’m sure it’ll be thoughtful and thorough and a professional job and all. It’s just not very sexy. But I’ll watch it, thank you.”