It’s been decided by New Line brass that the charms of Snakes on a Plane will probably be unappreciated by a sizable percentage of critics and columnists, and therefore no advance media screenings will be held before the 8.18 opening. Because advance reviews, they’ve obviously decided, may do more harm than good. (Which isn’t to say they absolutely will do more harm than good — only that the possibility is giving them concern.) Please mull this one over, HE readers, and tell me you ‘re thinking. Why would New Line make this call with at least some critics (like AICN’s Derek Flint ) likely to be receptive and then some? Do the odds seem to favor Snakes earning its place alongside other classic absurdist horror-thrillers like Tremors or Reanimator? Or is it starting to look more like it might be in the class of Tremors 2?