I bought these Bruno Magli lace-ups roughly 15 or 16 months ago. Online, marked down, size 13. But they felt too small. I’d been wearing 12 all my life (or since I was 13 or 14), but I shifted into 13 about a decade ago. For well over a year I’ve been reminding myself to have them stretched out by a local Armenian shoe-repair guy. Tatyana says if I was smart or practical-minded I’d send them back to the online seller and ask for size 14 replacements. But I’ve waited too long to do that. (Plus I almost always throw away boxes and receipts — I can’t stand to have that clutter lying around.) Plus I can’t abide the idea of wearing 14s. I can’t do it. Only big galumphs wear 14s. I am not a grizzly bear or a three-toed sloth or Richard Kiel — I am a deer, a fleet fox, a thoroughbred racehorse.