Has the age difference between Man of Steel costars Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman) and Amy Adams (Lois Lane) struck anyone else as…well, curious? I don’t know if they’re romantically linked in Zack Snyder‘s film or not, but their characters were entwined in the last two Superman films. And honestly? The ginger-headed, pale-skinned Adams looks a bit too old for Cavill. You can call me names but it’s true.

C’mon, she’s got him by a good eight years. Cavill will turn 30 in May and she’ll turn 40 in August 2014. Adams has always been a hot tamale but she’s never looked strikingly younger than her age. If Cavill was in a typical romcom, you know Adams could be cast as his best friend’s older sister.

In a pinch Cavill could pass for 25 or so, which is what Chris Reeve was when he shot Superman (’78). Margot Kidder was 28 or 29 when she played Lois Lane in that film, but she didn’t seem the least bit older than Reeve. When he shot Bryan Singer‘s Superman Returns (’06) Brandon Routh (Superman/Clark Kent) was 26 or so, and costar Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane) was 23 — again, not an issue. I’m just saying that Cavill looks like a healthy and buffed 20something and Adams, attractive as she is, looks her age. She’ll more than make up for this with her performance, I’m presuming, and for all I know a line or two of dialogue will take note of the slight age-discrepancy. I’m just saying it’s there.

Think of how Adams looked in The Master, On The Road and Trouble With The Curve. She’s one of the best actresses around but she’s no spring chicken.

Question: at what point would Man of Steel‘s casting directors (Kristy Carlson, Lora Kennedy, Claire Simon) have said to themselves, “You know something? Adams is just a bit too old. We have to go just a little bit younger”? What if she’d been 40 instead of 38 when they shot Man of Steel? What if she’d been 41 or 42? I’m all for older woman-younger guy hook-ups in movies, but something as square as Man of Steel presumably demands a more traditional if not a vaguely old-fashioned attitude.