There’s a dedication at the end of Ridley Scott‘s The Counselor to his late brother, director Tony Scott, who ended his life on 8.19.12. In a 10.24 review HitFix‘s Drew McWeeny suggested that the film’s dour, fatalistic tone might stem from Ridley’s feelings about his brother’s suicide. “It is cold and it is angry, and it may be the most pessimistic, unhappy film Ridley Scott’s ever made,” Drew declares. I for one feel there’s something cold and curious about nobody in this town having the slightest interest in knowing why Tony Scott jumped…still. The last time I spoke with him was during the Man on Fire junket, and he seemed in fine spiritual shape. Obviously he ended up deciding that leaving was a more attractive option than staying. Scott was apparently susceptible to depression (Mirtazapine was in his system) but nobody seems to want to know what the hell happened. It doesn’t figure that someone as talented and connected as he would just push the button. Some day an explanation or educated guess of some kind will surface.