This was supposed to be one of the all-time worst driving weeks in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles and Santa Monica due to Carmageddon, and it turned out to be one of the most pleasant. There are very few cars out there. I can’t think of the last time I drove around town with such ease.

I was out with a friend from about 9 am through brunch hour today in Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and along Sunset Blvd. into Brentwood, and traffic was definitely lighter than on a typical Sunday. Brunch and going-to-the-beach trafffic in the Brentwood area of Sunset around 11 am on Sunday is usually murder. The warnings obviously got around via incessant news reports and social media, and almost everyone just said “screw it” and stayed home. It’s amazing, lovely. I wish the traffic could always be like this. It was like driving around L.A. in 1937.

All Quiet on the Western Front — Santa Monica Blvd. heading east around 11:55 am.