“I have friends who have gone through Sex Addiction programs, so I have some secondhand knowledge of how bad things get for people who are truly suffering a sexual addiction. I know a number of real-life examples of that bottom…and more horrifyingly, the near bottom but not bottom.” — from David Poland‘s 10.16 review of Flight.

I’m sorry but this struck me as curious on a couple of levels. Poland has “friends” (i.e., more than one) who’ve gone through treatment for sex addiction? That’s two more than I have. Forget sex addiction therapy — I don’t know anyone struggling with any kind of compulsive sexual behavior of any kind, much less the kind that requires treatment. I was quite the hound in my day, and I’ve never known anyone in my life who’s had any problem with compulsive prowling. I don’t even know many people these days who are getting laid very much, including (or maybe particularly) married couples. And Poland knows not just one but two people in his circle who’ve gotten so much action that they’ve sought treatment?

My mind wanders, searches, darts around. What about the people in Poland’s circle who (a) have compulsive sex difficulties, (b) haven’t yet sought treatment but (c) are thinking it over as we speak? Are there a couple of people like that hanging out in the kitchen? Poland is a brilliant, hard-working, all-business type of guy who’s married with a kid, but he sure knows a lot of swollen libido types. Can I meet them so I can hear their stories and maybe learn something? What am I doing wrong?

Hollywood Sex Sufferer on the phone with Poland: “David, can we talk? I know you’ve got two friends who’ve gone for sex addiction treatment and…I don’t how to put this, man, but it’s getting really bad on this end…I had mad sex with the maid in my kitchen last night and she’s been working for us for 12 years…and I’m not sure what to do about it. I haven’t hit the bottom of the true bottom but my bottom is exposed and I can hear the bottom calling my name. Could you give me the name of a good clinic, or somebody who can recommend one?”

What would LexG make of this? George Prager? Lewis Beale? Anyone?