The Orange Cafe was the streets of Calcutta after the Moonrise Kindgom press conference so I retreated to the American Pavillion…mistake. After 90 minutes the wifi crapped out right in the middle of two video uploads and now it’s slower than molasses in February, even for no-big-deal JPEG uploads. I really hate this.

So now I have to start all over again but there’s no point because it’s 3:20 pm and I have catch Laurent Bozereau‘s Roman Polanski doc at 4 pm, and it’s playing the Salle Bazin which always means lines.

Here are are my Moonlight Kingdom tweets, at least:

Tweet #1: “Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom is a typical Anderson thing — an exactingly composed, super-dollhouse, movie about perfect compositions.

Tweet #2: It’s a Little Romance about Sam and Suzy, each 12 years old with eyes only for each other. But cavorting behind a quirky, ultra-dry filter.

Tweet #3: “But the real Moonrise romance is between Wes and his ultra-exacting, needle-precise compositions — sets, costumes & shots refined to a T.

Tweet #4: “Very fairy-tale-ish, very precisely composed, kind of masterful. And emotional as far as it goes. But all within a vacuum.”

Tweet #5: “Are there genuine emotional currents running through (or under) “Moonrise”? Yeah…but mainly in the last third.”

Tweet #6: “Wes is kinda Jacques Tati, whose films we’re also about Tati and his style and mood strokes. Enjoy the film & story but mainly look at me.”