In a THR post-Telluride assessment piece, Scott Feinberg discusses Tran Anh Hung‘s The Taste of Things (aka The Pot-au-Feu), and mentions that :France seems to have a very tough call on their hands, as far as whether to submit Anatomy of a Fall or The Taste of Things as its Oscar entry.”

Variety‘s Clayton Davis said the same thing….gee, tough one.

Well, it’s not. Davis and Feinberg are obliged to equivocate (no favorites, officially neutral), but they know that Anatomy of a Fall, which I saw and admired in Telluride, is primarily an intellectual head-trip courtroom thing, and that The Pot-Au-Feu is a heart-and-soul movie, a truly sublime love-and-food flick that exudes classic French culture start to finish.

And don’t call it “foodie porn” in my presence — it goes much deeper than that.

There’s really no contest, if you ask me. France has no choice but to officially submit the film that resulted in a Cannes Film Festival Best Director win for Tran Anh Hung.