Upmarket screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson (The Girl on the Train, Men, Women & Children, Secretary) will pen a Paramount remake of Adrien Lyne‘s Indecent Proposal. Collider‘s Jeff Sneider reported it first.

The 1993 drama, adapted by Amy Holden Jones and costarring Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson, was basically a chick flick that flirted with the double-edged fantasy of a woman being paid a million smackeroos for a single night of sex with a suave, good-looking billionaire. Lyne’s film won three Razzies (Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actor, Worst Screenplay) but earned $266 million.

I saw Indecent Proposal once a quarter-century ago, and have never even flirted with a re-watch. I recall flinching in my theatre seat when Moore used the term “dream house” in a voice-over narration. But this clip is pleasing. The 81-year-old Redford was 55 during shooting, and seemed a good five years younger. Harrelson had hair back then, and looked around 24 or 25 — he was actually 31. The 30 year-old Moore was peaking (A Few Good Men, Disclosure), but her fortunes plummeted after Striptease (’96) and G.I. Jane (’97).