I hated Ghostbusters when it first opened. Over-produced, big-studio, effects-reliant swill for the masses. The idea that there was an epidemic of ghosts in the New York City-area…why? Caused by what? Were there ghosts in Boston or Chicago? How about Scotch Plains? Nothing had been thought through — nothing — but that’s Ivan Reitman for you. I hated Ghostbusters even more when it became a big hit. I despised the song and hated the last act with the gargoyles and the demon dogs and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Okay, I tittered at some of Bill Murray‘s seemingly improved material. One of Murray’s finest moments as a man and an actor was to say no to that proposed Ghostbusters 3 flick, which Dan Aykroyd wanted to make for the money.

A 30th anniversary Ghostbusters — fully restored, digitally enhanced — will have a one-week booking on 8.29. A special edition Bluray will street on 9.16.