Yesterday morning (5.19) at 9:27 am, I received an invite to a Hotel Martinez discussion between Michael Moore (beamed in via Skype) and Harvey and Bob Weinstein about Fahrenheit 11/9, Moore’s forthcoming doc about the Donald Trump catastrophe. Six hours and 25 minutes later (or at 3:44 pm) I received an email from a Weinstein rep saying that “the conversation on Friday with Harvey, Bob, and Michael will no longer be an open event for coverage.” Meaning what exactly? The discussion will happen, I was told, but only for buyers, not press. Not a huge concern on this end but switching gears with the space of six hours feels a bit skittish on Harvey or Michael’s part. Antsy, insecure.

It would appear that Harvey or Michael had second thoughts about the tone of the potential press coverage. Perhaps a 5.16 HE post titled “Can Michael Moore Go Home Again?” gave them the willies. Opening paragraph: “I somehow doubt that Michael Moore‘s forthcoming anti-Trump doc, Fahrenheit 11/9, will shake up or double-clarify perceptions of the deranged Trump circus. I say this as a staunch fan and ally of nearly every Moore viewpoint and documentary going back to Roger and Me, but what can he say or show that isn’t on the web and cable news every day?”