How many times has Kristen Stewart eased up on the sullen slouchy thing and just let go with a nice alpha smile? So seldomly that when she smiles it’s almost an event. Her performance in Camp X-Ray was probably her best ever (certainly in my opinion), but the film was almost universally panned — slow-paced, claustrophobic, not enough happens, a stiff.

Captain Meathead guarding the door of last night’s Laggies party, which I was invited to but couldn’t attend because of the usual fire marshal order that no one can came in until a few people leave. While I stood there a good 12 to 14 people left and yet Captain Meathead held his ground, took no notice and was unyielding to the last. Eff it — it was only a party. I left, walked, caught a cab, crashed.

During the post-Laggies q & a (l. to .r): Keira Knightley, Sam Rockwell, Chloe Moretz, Lynn Shelton.

(l. to. r.) God’s Pocket costars Christina Hendricks, Philip Seymour Hoffman; (r.) director John Slattery. The film was pretty much universally slammed. Sorry, man, but it’s a dud. Slattery’s ass was handed to him on a plate.

Some 50 or 55 seats being held for Laggies “entourage” prior to last night’s (6:30 pm) screening.