Every good film ever made has conveyed the same thing to viewers everywhere, which is that the key creatives made it for reasons above and beyond wanting to get paid and further their careers. They made it because they’d either lucked into or developed something really good, and it really turned them on to work their tails off and assemble it just so and put it on a screen. I don’t have a hint of an inkling of a glimmer of that notion from this Rogue One trailer. All I’m detecting is Disney’s desire to milk that Star Wars cow big-time. Couple that with (a) the presence of Ben Mendehlson and (b) director Gareth Edwards telling EW ‘s Anthony Breznican that he wanted to “pinch” himself when he met James Earl Jones and I’m left feeling…what’s the term, dispirited?

Aftermath: There was incessant wailing yesterday (Monday, 6.27) from fanbabies about my having posted a Rogue One fan-created trailer rather than the official one. (One of them was a Baby Huey-sized critic from a site I won’t mention.) I didn’t think it mattered that much as the vast majority of the fan trailer was/is from Rogue One — there was no ambiguity. And I didn’t “screw up.” I just posted it because I fucking felt like it. But God, Jesus, fine. I didn’t get around to switching it during my Vegas/McCarran stopover late last night, but I’ve done it now. Anal much?