I’m mildly fascinated by the hints of character and temperament — the undervibe — in Damian Chazelle‘s actress-director-writer girlfriend, Olivia Hamilton. For one thing the usual implications of the term “girlfriend of a hotshot director” don’t seem to apply. She doesn’t look like someone given to going along or accommodating or alpha-vibing for their own sakes. You can detect in her red-carpet smile (or half smile) a less-than-approving scrutiny of the charade. She appears to be centered and fair-minded but is almost certainly (and I say this with respect as it takes one to know one) no day at the beach. The kind of doesn’t-miss-a-trick partner that a smart, cutting-edge director would naturally end up with. She reminds me of the young Patricia Wettig (of thirtysomething) and Raising Arizona-era Holly Hunter. She played “Bree (Gluten Free Girl)” in La La land, but I can’t find any stills of her scenes[s]. She’s directed, written and starred in a short called Surrogate and written-acted in Facetiming With Mommy.