Burbank Airport this morning, around 8:45 am.

This is what your Average Joe grunt-level Sundance Film Festival pass looks like — no easy access, no special priveleges. Once I strolled with the Sundance Gods, cruising on a cloud above the hurly burly, and then Jason Berger came along and yanked me off that cloud. “Back to reality, pal…go into that big white tent and wait in line with the rest of the schlubs!,” he said, his hiking boot pressed against my larynx. “What do you think you are, special? Well, you’re not.”

Park Regency customer relations manager Crystal, who works from 3 to 11 pm.

Approaching Las Vegas around 10:15 am this morning.

At the beginning of tonight’s shopping excursion at Park City’s Fresh Market.

Park City Transportation told me I;d have to wait an hour for a shuttle to Park City, which didn’t turn out to be true — it was more than 30, 35 minutes.