I was so bored last night that I couldn’t go to sleep, but I finally did. I woke at the usual six-oh this morning, but felt so lethargic about life that I went back to sleep. Then I re-awoke but I couldn’t quite come out of the fog.

I finally arose around 10something, but what did it matter? For we are prisoners on a kind of Devil’s Island. Allowed to roam around on the honor system, true, but still residing in a two-person clink with excellent wifi, a big TV, a kitchen full of food, five computers and a Bluray player, etc. And two cats.

Then my new Bluray of Raw Deal arrived at the doorstep…excitement! Then I drove to Pavilions to buy a few things, but the line to get in was long and slowish.

Then we decided to paint the living room walls in a Benjamin Moore color called “Coral Gables.”

Then I decided against paying to watch Joan Micklin Silver‘s Chilly Scenes of Winter because it’s free on YouTube, and then to watch Jean Luc Godard‘s entire Sympathy for the Devil doc, which I’ve only seen in random clips.

I guess we don’t really live on Devil’s Island, but it sure feels like it at times. Our lives are fucked or at least shuttered for the foreseeable future. Maybe until the mid to late summer, maybe longer than that. There ain’t no life nowhere.

A friend writes, “I was feeling down for few days but I am better today. I did yoga at 10 am on line and I keep thinking how much worse it could be, and that I am still lucky. We don’t go much out. Just to a store. I sit by the window and watch people walk , jog, stroll in endless stream. I think I should start making window diaries :)”