The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil has run a speculation piece about Harrison Ford‘s starring in one substantial-looking drama — Wayne Kramer‘s Crossing Over (Weinstein Co.) — and agreeing to star in another called Crowley, in which Ford would play a renegade scientist that a couple turns to in order to rescue their children from the effects of a rare genetic disorder. One of these could lead down the road to…forget it. Way too sketchy.

Has O’Neil (a) read the Crowley script or (b) seen Crossing Over? Apparently not. The latter, opening on August 22nd, has been test-screening since last fall. Last October an IMDB poster who claimed to have seen Kramer’s film called it “Crash 2: Immigration Boogaloo.” Plus the Weinstein Co’s decision to open it in late August (as opposed to, say, sometime in the early to mid fall seems to indicate a cautious tip-toe attitude.
That said, Kramer (Running Scared, The Cooler) is no slouch. If his film has the goods, now’s the time to start long-lead and word-of-mouth screenings.