I’ve been wanting to say something, but my liberal mentality kept shutting it down or something. The righties never say in so many words that they want to cut back on entitlements in order to significantly reduce the deficit, but that’s what they want to do. They’re afraid to say this in so many words, of course, because for most Americans entitlements cannot and must not be fucked with, come hell or high water. But they almost certainly have to be…don’t they?

As much as I think it’s essential to restore Clinton-era tax rates for the wealthiest individuals and the big corporations, the righties aren’t wrong when they say that upping tax rates on the bucks-up crowd won’t cut into the deficit that much. The only way to really, really get things in order is to cut down on entitlements, which have grown quite a lot over the last 30 years (or so I understand). There — I’ve said it. It needs to be faced. Well, doesn’t it?

For openers, raise the retirement age to 70. 65 is way too young to leave the workforce. It’s not the way people live these days. 65 is the new 50 or 55. 70 is the new 55 or 60. Once you stop working you start to die anyway so the government would be doing people a favor by insisting on retirement at 70.