Now wait a minute…wait a minute: in stories reporting the decision of attorneys Howard Weitzman and Dale Kinsella to leave Greenburg, Glusker, Fields, Claman, Machtinger & Kinsella to form their own entertainment law firm, Variety‘s Janet Shprintz and the Hollywood Reporter‘s Jesse Hiestand both softballed it when it came to explaining why. They both reported assertions (from Weitzman and Greenberg Glusker managing partner Norman Levine, respectively) that the departure has nothing to do the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping mess that Bert Fields, the head of Greenberg, Clusker, is in right now. You can bet it does have something to do with the Pellicano thing, and most likely to do with fines, lawsuits and other monetary woundings that may be suffered by Greenberg, Glusker due to the ongoing mucky-muck. Here’s Nikki Finke‘s take on the evacuation, which she likens to rats leaving a sinking ship.