N.Y. Times freelancer Ross Johnson on the sexually-enticing double-track that is Black Snake Moan (Paramount Classics), a new gritty-southern-atmosphere film from director-writer Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow). It’s about a bearded, older-looking Samuel L. Jackson trying to cure a blonde, hot-looking Christina Ricci of sexual addiction or nymphomania (or something in that realm). The reason people will pay to see BSM , of course, will be the “ooh-ahh” interracial-sex angle, which the title (which seems like a reference to a line in Full Metal Jacket when Dorian Harewood unbuttoned his G.I. fly and spoke of the “Alabama black snake” hiding inside) obviously refers to. Johnson describes a scene from the film: “…a gold-toothed Jackson growling out a profane rendition of the blues classic ‘Staggerlee’, recorded live in a raucous Memphis juke joint…[and] Ricci, her torn lip a welt of red, her dirty blond hair tossed from side to side, grinding her sweat-drenched body against black men and women on the dance floor as Jackson looked on from the stage.” And if it comes out in the fall or early ’07, it’ll be Jackson’s second film in a row with the word “snake” in the title.