Pamela Paul‘s 2.2 N.Y. Times article about trans-surgery pushback, “As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans — They No Longer Do”, suggests that people are tiring of the vaguely hysterical trans surgery theology and that the insanity may we winding down.

Sasha Stone‘s reader reply, posted by the Times:

Excerpt: “Progressives often portray the heated debate over childhood transgender care as a clash between those who are trying to help growing numbers of children express what they believe their genders to be and conservative politicians who won’t let kids be themselves.

“But right-wing demagogues are not the only ones who have inflamed this debate. Transgender activists have pushed their own ideological extremism, especially by pressing for a treatment orthodoxy that has faced increased scrutiny in recent years. Under that model of care, clinicians are expected to affirm a young person’s assertion of gender identity and even provide medical treatment before, or even without, exploring other possible sources of distress.

“Many who think there needs to be a more cautious approach — including well-meaning liberal parents, doctors and people who have undergone gender transition and subsequently regretted their procedures — have been attacked as anti-trans and intimidated into silencing their concerns.

“And while Donald Trump denounces ‘left-wing gender insanity’ and many trans activists describe any opposition as transphobic, parents in America’s vast ideological middle can find little dispassionate discussion of the genuine risks or trade-offs involved in what proponents call gender-affirming care.”