David Ehrlich: “Lincoln is WAY too dull & prosaic to win big prize. Trio of dynamite perfs, but film has no prayer for Oscar unless all else fails. [This is] Spielberg’s smallest film since Always. Best when portraying a man isolated by incalculable burden. Script divided against itself.”

Logan Hill: “Spielberg’s Lincoln at NYFF was rock solid monument to Abe, a bounce back from War Horse. Oscar noms galore. Tommy Lee Jones FTW.”

Coming Soon‘s Ed Douglas: “Lincoln‘s a real winner. Spielberg’s best movie in years. Lincoln should be good for 12 Oscar nominations and 4 easy wins. But the security at the event sucked shit and really put a damper on the night.”

Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg: “Now [it] belongs to the ages.”

Matt Patches: “Spielberg’s Lincoln turns a defining moment in history into a human story. [It’s] heavy on the politics. But I loved all the behind-the-curtain government stuff. Kushner’s playwright roots all over it. Day-Lewis is dynamic, but it’s a great ensemble piece. James Spader steals the show. And man, there is so much comedy in Lincoln! Spielberg doesn’t shy away from the craziness of Congress, even in a dire scenario.” Whoops! “May not be saccharine enough [for the Academy]. Great perfs, but it’s heavy and heady.”

CinemaBlend‘s Katey Rich: “The best parts of Lincoln are the 19th century In The Loop you never knew you wanted. The rest can feel like a bear. I agree with David Ehrlich. It’s got War Horse-level strength [and is] appealing, but not quite there for the win.”

Bilge Ebiri: “Spielberg’s Lincoln is the best film Roberto Rossellini never made. Also one of the best Spielberg did make.”

Kase!!: “It’s actually called LOLincoln, a madcap historical comedy with a lesson! (the lesson is about tall hats).”

Claire Kenny: “Everyone is talking about Lincoln being a sure thing to rake in all the major awards, as if Here Comes The Boom didn’t even exist.”

Scott Feinberg to Wellshwood: “In the future, definitely disregard people who review movies anonymously…Guido Bazin got this one way wrong.”

Wellshwood back to Feinberg: “Guido Bazin discredited, off to the showers? Maybe…but not according to David Ehrlich, the current king of Lincoln naysayers.”