The “I’ve Got a Crush on Obama” video is obviously more upfront sexual (Daddy Lust, obeisance before power, lay down for the conqueror) than the Hot for Hilary (i.e., Hott 4 Hil) video parody, which obviously toys with the same psychology in a playfully gay vein. And yet there’s real emotional sincerity in these videos. I’m kind of torn about which is the more winning. Thoughts?
It’s common knowledge that many, many people in this country make their decisions about who to put in the White House based on reasonings that have nothing to do with policy and philosophy. John Kennedy surely got some of his vote plurality over Richard Nixon from women who thought about going to bed with him. If it hadn’t been for the notion that George Bush is a regular guy you can relax and shoot the shit with over a beer, he might not have been able to steal the election twice. Let’s face it — millions and millions of voting-age people out there are impressionable little lambs.