“In a campaign of almost continual surprise, shock, and even awe, we have just turned a corner that might prove Barack Obama either a political genius or someone very close to that,” writes Daily Beast columnist Stanley Crouch. It may sound at first like Crouch is carrying water, but he’s a very sharp observer and he seems to be onto something here.
“The Republicans may have mistaken their adversary for just another Democrat sleeping under a shade tree and looking like a mark. Not. In real terms, that assumption might prove as costly to them as Robert E. Lee underestimating Ulysses S. Grant. This man is a brawler but a quiet one. He may use a scalpel instead if a broad sword but the jugular doesn’t know the difference
“This past Friday, Obama made a decision that either he had conceived himself or recognized the importance of with the sudden kind of clarity necessary for superior leadership. Bob Bauer, the foremost legal representative of the campaign, fired off a letter to the Department of Justice asserting that all of the recent hissing and howling about ACORN by Republicans in many places, and John McCain specifically in the final presidential debate, should be taken off of life support.
“U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey was advised to put Nora Dannehy, special prosecutor, in a position to investigate the possibility of collusion between the Republican Party and the Justice Department. This could clear away all of the claims of voter fraud that might result in gumming things up with unnecessary investigation.
“If this Obama brings this off, we will have witnessed an exceptionally shrewd part of a grand strategic vision.”