Obviously the best thing about this teaser-trailer for M:I:3 (Mission: Impossible III for those who aren’t into the brevity thing) is Phillip Seymour Hoffman‘s acting in the opening seconds of it. He takes some ordinary bad-guy-threatening-the-good-guy dialogue and really makes it sing. You believe him emotionally, and he puts some great English on the final line — “Then I’m going to kill you right in front of her.” Great actor! And the worst thing about it is Ving Rhames embracing star Tom Cruise at the very end and saying, “Welcome back, brother!” Of course, the overwhelming sentiment about Cruise in Ticket-Buying Land right now is one of concern for his emotional stability, if not pity for what he did to himself last year. So dub over that final line and have Rhames say instead, “Meds are workin’, brother!”