Reported around 5 pm (6.20) by Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs for the N.Y. Times: “A spokesman for OceanGate confirms that Stockton Rush, its chief executive, was piloting the company’s vessel that is lost in the North Atlantic. All five occupants have now been identified.”

Reported around 3 pm (6.20) by Emma Bubola and Anushka Patil of N.Y. Times: “Hamish Harding, a British explorer aboard the submersible missing in the North Atlantic, acknowledged in a 2021 interview that he had taken on deep-sea missions in the past knowing that rescue would not be an option.

“If something goes wrong, you are not coming back,” Harding told the Indian newsmagazine The Week after he made a record-setting trip to Challenger Deep, the furthest depths of the Mariana Trench. At almost seven miles, the Mariana Trench is far deeper than the Titanic site that the submersible was set to visit, which is about two-and-a half miles down.”