Interruptus Schmuptus Update: I’ve gotten new emergency passports in less than a day in Los Angeles and Paris, but New York’s passport bureaucracy is another story. A story you don’t want to hear about. Bottom line is that an L.A. friend is overnighting my passport to NYC and so I’ll be flying to Toronto tomorrow. Porter Air charged me $345 for a new one-way ticket. They would have charged $600-something but they’re offering a special 50% discount sale at the moment. Nice guys!

Newark Airport bulletin: I’ve brilliantly left my passport back in Los Angeles so no flying to Toronto and the Toronto Film Festival until I head back into town and over to the U.S. Consulate at Rockefeller Center and obtain temporary papers. Estimated cost of error (including round-trip NYC-to-Newark cab fare): $250, perhaps more.

Earlier: My Porter Airlines flight to Toronto leaves at noon, and then I’ll have to get situated and pick up the press pass and all that so filings will be few and far between. Attending the Telluride Film Festival definitely put a dent into my Toronto must-see list, and that’s good.