Except for Jennifer Kent‘s The Nightingale and Carlos ReygadasNuestro Tiempo, all 2018 Venice Film Festival picks had been guessed or spitballed by HE. 12 major competition films plus the two Orson Welles features plus Bradley Cooper‘s A Star Is Born = 15 in all, not counting the mid-levels and peripherals:

Major Competition (12): Roma (d: Alfonso Cuaron), First Man, (d: Damien Chazelle); Doubles Vies (aka EBook) (d: Olivier Assayas); The Sisters Brothers (d: Jacques Audiard), The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (d: Ethan and Joel Coen); 22 July (formerly Norway) (d: Paul Greengrass); Suspiria (d: Luca Guadagnino); Work without Author (d: Florian Henkel Von Donnersmark); The Nightingale (d: Jennifer Kent); The Favorite (d: Yorgos Lanthimos); Peterloo (d: Mike Leigh); Sunset (d: Laszlo Nemes).

Mid-Level Competition (8): Vox Lux (d: Brady Corbet); The Mountain (d: Rick Alverson); Capri-Revolution (d: Mario Martone); What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire? (d: Roberto Minervini); Freres Ennemis (d: David Oelhoffen); Neustro Tiempo (d: Carlos Reygadas); At Eternity’s Gate (d: Julian Schnabel); Killing (d: Shinya Tsukamoto).

Special Wellesian, Non-Competitive Events (2): The Other Side Of The Wind (d: Orson Welles); They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead (d: Morgan Neville)

Non-Competitive (5): A Star Is Born (d: Bradley Cooper), Mi Obra Maestra (d: Gaston Duprat); A Tramway in Jerusalem (d: Amos Gitai), Dragged Across Concrete (d: Craig Zahler), Shadow (d: Zhang Yimou).