Oh, and by the way: Jerry Seib‘s Wall Street Journal piece about An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount Vantage, 5.23 limited) reports that “when the movie was previewed at the National Geographic Society’s headquarters in Washington, an official there noted that the widespread reaction among Geographic employees who had seen the film earlier was: ‘Do you think he’ll run again for president ?’ Mr. Gore responded with a dismissive wave of his hand.” But this notion has been on the lips of Cannes journalists also. Everyone in liberal circles seems to be saying that the 2008 Democratic Party nomination is a fait accompli for Hilary Clinton, but SHE CAN’T WIN and Gore conceivably could. The bubbas despise Clinton and so do a lot of guys I know with liberal inclinations. (They see some kind of steely bitchy thing inside her.) Plus she seemed a lot more liberal when she was Bill Clinton’s First Lady than since she’s been as a U.S. Senator from New York. Maybe people see Gore as yesterday’s news or maybe not, but we need somebody in the White House who really gets what’s happening to our planetary climate and understands that there’s no more time for shilly-shallying .