I always ignore these Hollywood Reporter talkathons because they post them so long after-the-fact. You have to post material quickly on the web. But this is interesting. Gary Oldman, George Clooney, Albert Brooks, Christopher Plummer, Christoph Waltz, Nick Nolte. Originally posted on 12.5.

Best bit: Plummer’s recollections about making The Sound of Music. Second best: His admission that he only began to have fun playing characters in film when he reached his drunk stage in his 40s (i.e., The Man Who Would Be King ). Second best: Clooney saying “we’re all on this journey [but] it’s how you handle the down parts [that counts].” Third best: Brooks saying that “the star thing means nothing top you in your soul, Your soul doesn’t go, ‘Oh, you’re a star!’ Your demons are your demons.” Fourth best: Nolte saying “I’ve lived with death lately…after 70, you don’t think about sex much.” Fifth best: Charles Manson was called “Chuck.”