Oh, yeah…I was going to say something about Firewall, the new Harrison Ford thriller that opens today. Directed by Richard Loncraine, it’s a reasonably well-made programmer. Not boring or horrendous, and it moves along and does the job. Ford (a.k.a., “Uncle Festus”) is very good (as usual) at the non-visual stuff…at making you share the tension that his good-guy character is going through as he figures how to stick it to the bad guys who are holding his family hostage. There are about 18 movies that Firewall reminds you of — The Desperate Hours (both versions), Hostage (the Bruce Willis film), Air Force One, Don’t Say a Word, Trapped, etc. But the films it most closely resembles are British-produced — one made in 1961, the other in 1987. The former is called Cash on Demand, a Quentin Lawrence film with Peter Cushing as a bank manager whose wife and child by a criminal who’s looking to rob the bank by pretending to be an insurance investigator. The ’87 version is Loncraine’s own Bellman and True, which is about a computer expert [who’s been] bribed by group of bank robbers to obtain details of the security system at a newly-built bank, and is later re-accosted by the criminals when they invade his London home and take his son hostage. They force him to decode the information about the alarm and then to take part in the robbery.”