Not that anyone cares, but HE solemnly pledges to see The OH in Ohio sometime this weekend. That 25% Rotten Tomatoes rating, I’ll admit, hasn’t exactly gotten my hopes up, and those complaints about no nudity and an oddly asexual vibe haven’t added to the allure, but I feel strangely drawn regardless. Directed by Billy Kent from a script by Adam Wierzbianski, it’s about a somewhat arch and brittle Parkey Posey not having an orgasm with husband Paul Rudd, but eventually hitting paydirt in this regardwhen she runs into a kind of pool guy-sex guru played by Danny DeVito. I was speaking about this last night with colleagues outside of the Arclight after a Miami Vice screening (my second),. When I heard about this I asked, “How does DeVito administer the pleasuring?” and one of them replied, “He goes up on her.” (This is a great line, and I’ll give this guy credit for it if he gives permission.)