I hate it when people spell “OK” rather than “okay.” The origin of this 181-year-old idiom (stemming from “Old Kinderhook”, a nickname that came out of the 1840 reelection campaign of President Martin Van Buren, who was born in Kinderhook, N.Y.) means nothing. And don’t mention Soho’s OK Harris gallery, which closed in 2014.

You can say “stop being obstinate and just abide by the majority view,” but answer me this. If there’s no legitimate word spelled “okay” and you can only write “OK,” how then do you spell “okey-dokey” or “okey-doke”? Obviously you can’t prohibit the “okay” spelling while approving “okey-dokey.”

And don’t tell me it’s not a real word because back in ’85 I delivered a hand-written invitation from Pee-Wee Herman to Johnny Carson at the latter’s Point Dume home, and when I rang the bell and explained over the intercom who I was and what I had in my hand, Carson said “well, okey-dokey”. So I win the argument.

From this point on stop using “OK”…ban it from all English language dictionaries. You can still spell ID (nobody spells it “eye-dee“) when you’re alluding to identification. But OK is over and out.